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Targeted headhunting for your company
In today’s constantly changing marketplace, companies need to work harder than ever to identify, engage with and attract the right candidates, who are increasingly discerning about where they work. This takes time, effort and skill, which is where Lucas Executive Search comes in.
We take the time to understand your business culture and the role/s you need to fill, then use our extensive network of global contacts, along with cutting-edge technology, to search for suitable candidates. Focusing our research both locally and internationally, our rigorous processes ensure that we match the right people to the right roles, reducing the stress that often surrounds the recruitment process and saving you precious time.
Our expert team will:

• Assess your company’s specific needs
• Conduct detailed market research to identify suitable candidates
• Analyse and assess candidates before selection

Client-focused results
At Lucas Executive Search, we help our clients achieve their business objectives through insightful recruitment and are skilled in handling sensitive situations, such as internal application management or discreetly approaching individuals in competitor firms. We also connect with candidates who may not currently be active on the job market, ensuring that you don’t miss out on potential talent.
Managing the recruitment process from start to finish, we offer a comprehensive set of services which will help you fill even the most challenging role. Whether you need help recruiting board members, senior management, directors or technical staff, our expert advice and guidance will help you select candidates who will have a positive impact on your company.
Meanwhile, once a new candidate is in place, our team maintains contact, monitoring the placement and ensuring that both client and candidate are satisfied.

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