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How to Be an Outstanding Leader in a Challenging Environment (Pt4)

In this continuation from Part 3, we look at more areas where you can further develop your leadership style.

Brian Tracy, Author of “Earn What You’re Really Worth”, explains that your leadership style should, “get extraordinary achievement from ordinary people.” We believe that there are a few areas that an individual must nail down before becoming an extraordinary leader.

Once you have established your leadership style, what other measures can you take to ensure you instil positivity and confidence within your team?

Here are some suggestions, based on what successful leaders we work with are using now:

‘No Man Or Woman Is An Island’ – Delegate Tasks

The ability to delegate is a super skill of every successful leader, provided it is backed up with support, guidance and feedback.

To achieve this, delegate specific tasks to team members with deadlines and be sure to follow these up, providing support where required. By doing this, you will not only get more achieved quickly, but your team will feel empowered and take ownership of the situation too.

However, with autonomy comes accountability. Be prepared to hold employees accountable for delivering a task they have been given responsibility for. Be sure to equip them with the proper resources, tools, and authority, if necessary, to be able to achieve their task.

Set Objectives and Expectations

Be careful to set relevant targets for your team with expectations. In challenging times your team expects to be led. That is why it is critical to give clear guidance on what specifically you want to happen and by when.

Encourage Collaboration

Removing barriers in hierarchical workplaces can help increase networking opportunities, better communication and the chance for innovation.

Individuals who are keen to help can be taken on board and assist in bringing about the necessary transformation. At the same time, those more sceptical can be encouraged to participate by seeing how you, as a leader, are showing positivity and boosting morale.

Which leads me onto the next step…

Communicate Clearly

Keep lines of communication open from day one during any period change. This will keep your team with you and give them a clear picture of developments as they happen. Give them the opportunity to share concerns, ideas or suggestions throughout the period of change, and ensure they know what the end-goal is.

Demonstrate Emotional Intelligence

According to data compiled by Forbes, 93% of workers agree that showing empathy in the workplace is an essential means of upping retention and engagement. In comparison, only 50% of those polled believed their senior leadership to be empathetic.

The best leaders are aware of their own strengths and development areas. They understand others’ perspectives and are empathetic to their team. To be truly empathetic, you need to strive to create an environment where your employees can thrive, where they are encouraged to be open-minded and where a growth mindset is both supported and encouraged.

Some Final Thoughts…

Remember, challenging times will pass.

You must focus on the future. This includes looking for market opportunities that may appear and adapting your current practices to meet the needs of the company in the future.

Also, ensure you utilise networks, both internal and external, and collaborate without the usual boundaries to keep moving forward. This will enable you to harness creative potential and tap into possibilities you may not have considered before.

Think about how to implement your vision and values, going forward. Where would you like to be in the future, and how would you like to be perceived by your clients?

As a strong leader, you will be able to ensure your team is reminded of these values and vision, so they maintain focus during difficult times and work towards a successful future

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How to Be an Outstanding Leader in a Challenging Environment (Pt4)
How to Be an Outstanding Leader in a Challenging Environment (Pt4)
How to Be an Outstanding Leader in a Challenging Environment (Pt4)