Interim Management

Flexible solutions for short-term roles

At Lucas Executive Search we work with a variety of private and public sector organisations, sourcing experienced interim managers to fill a range of senior-level positions. Whether your company is experiencing rapid growth, facing an unexpected crisis or simply needs someone to manage a new strategic project, we’ll find the best person for the job.

Our expert team is skilled in matching high-quality candidates to a wide range of executive and non-executive roles, ensuring that your company benefits from the very best available talent. We can work quickly to secure candidates at short notice, ensuring a seamless transition process, while also maintaining stability and operational success for your company.

Lucas Executive Search can employ interim managers for clients directly, as preferred, or you can contract them or add them to your own payroll. Whichever option you choose, we’ll work closely with you to ensure the solution that best meets your needs.


Benefits of interim management

Hiring someone as an interim manager can have many positive effects for your company, as it means you can quickly fill a role and minimise risk for your company. From full-time interim managers and executives currently between jobs, to experienced retirees keen to get involved in a short-term project, there’s a wealth of talent available which can add instant value to your business.

Key benefits include:

  • Efficiency: Using our large network of contacts and the very latest technology, we can source suitable candidates and have someone placed in your company within days.


  • Expertise: With extensive experience in similar roles, interim managers will immediately add value to your business with expert leadership and other qualities.


  • Objectivity: An interim manager will bring fresh insights and create a new dynamic within your company, focusing solely on what’s best for your business, without prejudice.


  • Stability and flexibility: Interim managers will ensure your business remains operational in times of transition or crisis, delivering a cost-effective solution during short and long-term challenges.

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Interim Management
Interim Management
Interim Management